Why I Follow Jesus…


What is happening in our world is nothing new. Wars…rumors of wars…disgusting behavior from people…persecution of Christians…all kinds of false teaching. How does one survive in such times?

How do I survive day after day?

Well…I follow Jesus.  I don’t follow people or groups of people. Why?


*I follow Jesus because He died for me. No man has done that for me.

*I follow Jesus because He loves me. No man has ever proved their love for me more than Jesus Christ.

*I follow Jesus because He provides me with the plan of Salvation. No man can save me.

*I follow Jesus because He hears my prayers and takes them to the Father. No man has that power.

*I follow Jesus because He will never discourage me. Sinful man will always discourage.

*I follow Jesus because His word is all I need to live this life and have eternal life.

*I follow Jesus because in HIM I can find comfort for every issue of life. 

*I follow Jesus because HE forgives and forgets. Man struggles with forgiving and forgetting.

*I follow Jesus because HE will never take me down the wrong path. Man has strayed from God’s word from the beginning of time…and that has not changed.

Who will follow Jesus

Standing for the right,

Holding up His banner in the thickest fight?

Listening for His orders, ready to obey

Who will follow Jesus, Serving Him today?



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