Teaching Modesty to our Sons


It’s a hot topic and usually aimed at girls, but modesty is for boys too. How do you teach your son respect for himself, his body and how that reflects on his character as a Christian?

First I think we need to realize that girls have sexual thoughts too about young men. When they see a bare chest or those speedos on a guy they might like or “think is cute”…his lack of discretion with clothing himself is contributing to that in the same way as girls who show thighs, bare shoulders and cleavage.

I like the way this author put it….
“This is strange. Women may be shedding clothes this time of year, but so are men. Why are we only talking about female modesty? If modesty is important then it is important for all Christians. If it isn’t important for men, then why all the fuss about women? If it is important for women, why the silence about men?”

Exactly! Why are we excluding our sons from the issue of modesty? I don’t know…I think we’ve just accepted that it’s no big deal. But for our young girls, our women, it can be a big deal. They are sexual beings too and our sons must learn to respect that. In a post by a minister regarding the teens where he worships, he overheard one girl say this when she had been at the lake with some friends…  “After one lake outing I did hear a faithful girl say, “Wow! ________ looks fiiiiine with those 6-pack abs!” It was clear she was not talking about one of her female friends.”

So Moms…we have a responsibility to our sons to teach respect of bodies. Modesty is a heart issue. It’s a reflection of our relationship with God in the way we dress. Modesty recognizes the weakness of others and would do nothing to gain attention through clothing, or lack thereof, or present a temptation.



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  1. I think it is important, what is said here. Additionally: First, males are visually stimulated more so than women. Fact. So the emphasis for girls to be modest is a merited effort. Agreed, boys should not be neglected in this, but they should:
    Second, They should be taught to value and admire girls and women who dress modestly. It’s difficult for our girls to WANT to be modest, when they have a natural desire to be desired, and when the competition, if you will, is making it hard to be noticed by the opposite sex because boys and men are not only naturally attracted to the bodies of women, but they then act on that with their attention to that body that is exposed and ignore the girl with the longer skirt and lack of cleavage. These girls are both tempted to follow the crowd to get that need to be desired met, or they feel less than their counterparts. This is a sad truth for our girls.
    So additionally, our boys need to somehow be taught to be attracted to modesty. How to do this is something that should be discussed in great length

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