I Don’t Think the President Cares


For the first time in my life, I am wanting to write a letter to the President of the United States…but I don’t think he cares what I think. As we celebrate the history of this country on July 4th, somehow there doesn’t seem much to celebrate about how far we “haven’t” come.

I will always respect the office of the President because of what that office has been designated to do. However, respect has to be earned. My first and foremost allegiance is to God and His authority. I am committed to Him. I love what HE loves and hate what HE hates. But somehow, that has completely turned around. Our country…as it appears…wants to love what God hates. And how does it get that way? Well…leadership has the major impact on that drift. Our President…in just a short amount of time, has taken a country who feared God and is attempting to shape it into a country who spits in His face.

As Christians we are either on board with God’s ways or straddling the fence with the ways of man. Can we not ask ourselves who would best support the values of the Almighty? Can we not take a stand…have some backbone…and say “I am on the Lord’s side…Master here am I?”

Oh I know there are some political issues that will always be controversial. But putting a person in power who will attempt to take me farther and farther away from God, is not up for choosing.

On this fourth of July…we had better be praying publicly about the future of this country and acknowledge Who is really in power. Own it. Be loyal to the One to whom you dedicated your life and make His ways your ways. Otherwise…we are headed for a disaster.



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