I Want to be Different so I can Be Like Everybody Else!


I get weary. I get weary with some who pride themselves in being different only to end up like “everyone else.”  Usually these people will “drop” an idea out there in hopes the rest of us will take hold and go “WHAT?” It’s those folks who like a reaction…they drop a “bomb” in the middle of the room and sit back to observe the frenzy. It’s the desire to be different…unique…intriguing… about themselves.

The reality of it all is this type of “attention getting” makes them just like everybody else because everybody else is not really different. We are like herding animals…a desire to be with one another and “fit in.”

Being “different” doesn’t require any type of grand statement or action. Being different is simple. Following Christ is simple in that it’s not an attention getting…”look at what I do” type of service. It’s a humble spirit combined with a willing heart to serve our fellow man and teach by example. Christians are shining lights in that we illuminate what is in darkness…sin. We are the called out…which should make us different enough to draw others to Him.



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