Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places


I am sharing this post written to young women about finding the right man in their life. It is written by a young man and is written beautifully.

This is the time of year for many weddings. I got married in June. Most young women plan their “weddings” long before they plan their “marriage.”  In fact, it is rare that young men and women really look at what their marriage will be all about. As has been written…when you get married, you will learn more about being Christ-like than ever before.

I can’t emphasize enough for young men and women to search for godliness when they are thinking about serious dating. Too many times guys and girls excuse behavior that is ungodly or poor in choice because infatuation has gotten in the way. If you are serious about your life as a Christian, then be serious about the other person you bring into your walk.

To the young men…it cannot be emphasized enough that the woman you marry will influence your children more than you. So…you had better be on the same page about values, priorities and discipline. Too many times have I seen men stand back and be quiet when the Moms are pushing activities that are questionable. Most men don’t want the battle.

For the young women…if you want  godly leadership in your home for you and your children…then look for those qualities in a man. If he doesn’t lead…you will and that is role reversal which is not God-designed. Look for the man who seeks God first. If he loves God more than you…than your home will be a treasure.

Find love in the right place…and that place is where God is first and His word is loved more than anything or anyone else.


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