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I Want to be Different so I can Be Like Everybody Else!


I get weary. I get weary with some who pride themselves in being different only to end up like “everyone else.”  Usually these people will “drop” an idea out there in hopes the rest of us will take hold and go “WHAT?” It’s those folks who like a reaction…they drop a “bomb” in the middle of the room and sit back to observe the frenzy. It’s the desire to be different…unique…intriguing… about themselves.

The reality of it all is this type of “attention getting” makes them just like everybody else because everybody else is not really different. We are like herding animals…a desire to be with one another and “fit in.”

Being “different” doesn’t require any type of grand statement or action. Being different is simple. Following Christ is simple in that it’s not an attention getting…”look at what I do” type of service. It’s a humble spirit combined with a willing heart to serve our fellow man and teach by example. Christians are shining lights in that we illuminate what is in darkness…sin. We are the called out…which should make us different enough to draw others to Him.



I Have Difficulty Following….”Wherever.”


I have been wanting to share this sermon because it hit me in my heart…right where it’s supposed to!

Please take the 28 minutes and listen and see if it applies to you also. I am thinking it will apply.



Has the Devil Got Your Kids?


What a horrifying thought…the devil with my kids! Don’t think for one moment that the devil doesn’t watch your kids. He does and he finds way to get at them…and maybe through you!

If the devil can convince you that stepping up to parent is too hard…then he will take over your job. He loves inconsistent parents. And he loves parents who are afraid of making their children mad. Inconsistency and fear will produce children who have little respect for you and God. It will create children who learn how to “behave” when someone is watching.

I am concerned about this time of year when vacations come about and little preparation is made for worship. Better yet some view vacation as literally a “time out” from “having to do” anything related to being a Christian. Wear what you want to wear…go where you want to go…say what you want to say. God surely isn’t everywhere is he? And He doesn’t expect us to make vacation plans around HIM does He? You see this is when the Devil has won. The thinking is more about self and less about God. Your plans are not His plans. Your ways are not His ways.

Parents…the greatest gift you can give your child is not a sense of entitlement. It’s not a fine wardrobe or a trip to an exotic place. The greatest gift you can give is a foundation that is firmly planted in His word. When your kids are grounded…they will respect you because they respect Him. They will be  24/7 believers who understands that Christianity is a lifestyle…not a clock-in/clock-out job.
They will be genuine in their faith and grasp the realness of the devil.

Cover your children with the Word so they may be protected from wrong thinking. Give them tools to fight the clever ways of Satan and help them learn the power of prayer with their Savior who loves them more than you do.


Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places


I am sharing this post written to young women about finding the right man in their life. It is written by a young man and is written beautifully.

This is the time of year for many weddings. I got married in June. Most young women plan their “weddings” long before they plan their “marriage.”  In fact, it is rare that young men and women really look at what their marriage will be all about. As has been written…when you get married, you will learn more about being Christ-like than ever before.

I can’t emphasize enough for young men and women to search for godliness when they are thinking about serious dating. Too many times guys and girls excuse behavior that is ungodly or poor in choice because infatuation has gotten in the way. If you are serious about your life as a Christian, then be serious about the other person you bring into your walk.

To the young men…it cannot be emphasized enough that the woman you marry will influence your children more than you. So…you had better be on the same page about values, priorities and discipline. Too many times have I seen men stand back and be quiet when the Moms are pushing activities that are questionable. Most men don’t want the battle.

For the young women…if you want  godly leadership in your home for you and your children…then look for those qualities in a man. If he doesn’t lead…you will and that is role reversal which is not God-designed. Look for the man who seeks God first. If he loves God more than you…than your home will be a treasure.

Find love in the right place…and that place is where God is first and His word is loved more than anything or anyone else.


Where’s Your Grit?


Grit…it’s a lost word or associated with more than one…as in Grits. 🙂  In those pioneer days and in the days of the Greatest Generation, there were many with Grit. It’s a personality trait. People with Grit have passion and they will persevere under all types of circumstances for that passion. It’s standing firm with integrity and not letting anyone or anything stand in your way.

In our lives as Christians we have succumb to the world of  which having Grit is a negative thing. You see in our world today there is more value in someone who has no values. In other words…you are most received when nothing matters. I guess passion matters most if it’s directed toward a free spirit of “I’m okay….you’re okay.”

Satan is really wining this war in our lives. If he can get you to become apathetic about integrity, accountability, perseverance, truth and a passion for Christ…then he has you just where he wants you. Grit comes with a price. You don’t it get by osmosis. It comes with hard work and tough shoulders. It’s a love for people, but a hate for sin. It’s doesn’t hide. It has no secrets. It is not hypocritical. And because Grit is hard to come by, those pursuing will usually do so with few followers.

When it comes to parenting…you gotta have Grit. It’s seeing past those moments when it’s easier to give in. It’s not excusing bad behavior (sometimes I get so weary with “tired” children who are really little terrors!).  It’s stepping up to parent when it’s the hardest because you know your child won’t “like” you. It’s loving them enough to discipline…and that may include a spatula!

How about when it comes to marriage? It takes Grit to love when someone may be unloveable. It takes Grit to put your marriage first when all the “girlfriends” are going out night after night. It takes Grit to admit the mistake.

Do you have Grit as a Christian? Are you willing to be vocal about what God says about homosexuality or adultery? Is it easier to keep quiet about the lack of clothes your sister in Christ is wearing? How hard is it to stop gossip? There’s little to no Grit when it keeps getting passed on and on. And how about those lost moments when you could have denied self and taken up His cross to follow Him? Now there’s “True Grit!”

Make a change in your life and “GET ON YOUR GRIT!” You may lose some friends…but if you do…those aren’t really friends because your goals are different and they will drag you down if you keep hangin’ on to them. LET THEM GO. Christ is wanting followers who KNOW HIM…not just “proclaim” Him. Where will HE find you and your “Grit?”