I Need Spiritual Talk


Do you ever get in a slump? I know I do and find my mind wandering…trying to figure out why I am discouraged, not motivated and lacking energy. Then I find myself around others who are spiritually on fire and it hits me….”There’s your answer…your spiritual talk is missing.”

As women we tend to circle ourselves with those who think like we do, like what we like and exclude what needs excluding. Unfortunately we can almost have a “social club” mindset which rarely gives us the spiritual nourishment we need. I’ve noticed on Facebook that many women are all about posting the word….”praying”, but when it comes time to use it in front of others or incorporate more of it on a personal level with God…it goes lacking. I don’t know exactly what some of us are afraid of, but prayer should be our number one tool on a daily basis to fight the devil.

For me, I need to surround myself with women who are spiritually on fire for the Lord…and not necessarily each other. I need more talk about about how I can grow as a Christian…where can I find more opportunities and when can I have a Bible study with someone.  I can’t remember the last time I had a personal Bible study with a searching soul…you know that kind where you sit at a table and discuss God’s word and apply it? That’s not a good thing. It says I am too comfortable in my “little” world and not going out into the world and sharing the Good News!

So what can I do? First of all…I can stop the “club” mindset and start the “soul-search” mindset. If all my energies go inward in my church family…then how can I ever have the courage and strength to look outside of myself? I can’t because I’m too focused on the comfort of my secure world. Secondly, I can surround myself with those who are spiritually on fire. Now that’s not so easy to find because most women are still focusing inward. I know because I’ve done that. Those women use spiritual talk. They aren’t afraid to pray. They seek out those who are hurting or lost. They have no time for trivial because they lived in the valley and climbed the mountain. They “know” their Redeemer.

Third…and most importantly…I can find the courage to be like HIM and not be afraid to establish right from wrong. I was talking with someone yesterday who acknowledged that we are living in a world where defining lines of truth and error has become taboo. Dare we say or imply that a behavior or attitude is wrong. To do that…your tagged as judgmental. I’ve learned over the years that when someone is quick to tag another as judgmental…it is usually to avoid accountability.  Matthew 7:15….”Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them.” In other words…be on guard for those who are not teaching as Christ has taught and you will know by their behavior.  I John 4:1…”Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” The word “test” means to judge. In other words…I must judge in order to decide…based on scripture…as to whether behavior is from God or not. Where we get into scuffles over this can be the attitude with which it is done…whether in love or with words to create hurt and doubt.

Spiritual Talk…it’s what’s good for the soul. It will get you out of a slump and put you back on track for the race….you know the one where sin can easily entangle us. Throw off all the “junk” that keeps you from fixing your eyes on Jesus. And when you do…the joy will come back in your heart and fire will flame your soul!


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