Got Hit in the Head with Perspective


This morning I was glancing through some Facebook posts. This particular one got my attention. There is a group of women who encourage one another through prayer. While there have been some “requests” that seemed inappropriate…like “pray that my bedbugs will go away” …this one today put perspective in my world.

She writes…” On Wednesday I went in for my 32 weeks check up with my OB and found out our sweet baby girl no longer had a heartbeat. I will be going to the hospital to deliver her today.”  My mind was numb. While as a nurse working in Labor and Delivery, I helped to deliver some babies who had died in utero. Words seem useless. Hugs seem useless. In fact the verse that initially comes to mind is “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10).

Things like this that happen in life bring..or should bring…your world into focus as to what really matters in our everyday lives. God matters. Family matters. Doing HIS will matters. In fact it made me reflect again on my purpose here on earth. I’m here. God has blessed me abundantly and what am I doing to share HIS word, bring others to HIM to reveal His glory and wondrous works? I fail so miserably.

One thing I know about this Momma and her precious baby. God will comfort her like no other. This precious soul has been returned to HIM and is forever saved…without a doubt. It would be hard…very hard to grasp the solace of that, but it would be the only way to breathe.

Surround yourself with what matters. It’s not stuff. It’s not fame. It’s not how you look. It’s about being real with your Creator and owning your mission. Get your prayer life going and ask for wisdom, opportunities and a heart for HIM. And while you’re there…mention the hearts of this Mom and Dad who grieve. I’m confident it will help.

loss of child


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