Know Your Best…and BE IT!


How are you doing with your talents? Are you using them or still trying to figure out what they are? (smile). We all have them and God expects us to use them to His glory. But how do we find them, accept them and direct our energies toward them?

When I began nursing school I lacked a lot of confidence about how I would and could be the best nurse. I wanted to be my best, but I tended to be intimidated by those who had much more skill and finesse with their talent. In the healthcare field you can get yelled at a lot either by a patient, doctor, family member or supervisor. I don’t know about you, but I never enjoyed getting chewed out. It would send me on a spiral and I would doubt myself and my abilities to be a nurse. Time in the profession has helped to heal that. You can yell at me all day in that arena and I will take from it what I should and let the rest fly away! I am secure in the talents I have in my profession and have learned that some of that goes with the territory.

But what about our God-given talents as a Christians? Do we tend to hide them for fear of being seen as pretentious? In my opinion one of the most frustrating things I see about women is that we tend to hold back from what we can do…share…become. While it may be easy to “let your hair down” with those closest to you, the tug-of-war comes with asked to get outside our comfort zone.

God never asked us to be comfortable. He has asked us to be workers…servants…cross-bearers and encouragers. Getting down to the nitty-gritty of our true selves will sometimes reveal our “hiding” place. “I will work for you Lord, but please don’t ask me to step out of my hometown.” I will serve you Lord, but only when I have matching plates and a bigger house.” I will bear my cross Lord, but when the “heat” of service becomes too much…please don’t ask me to take another step.” I can encourage Lord…but it’s easier with people I know.” Find yourself in any of those? I know I can.

BE YOUR BEST SELF. That’s the bottom line. Don’t look for excuses because you will always find them. Find the person in your life to help you be your best. Find the person in your life who will take you from where you are to where you can shine as a Christian. Don’t settle for what “feels” comfy and self-satisfying. Look for the better you because when you do…you will find the God-given talents that are waiting for you…and we can’t wait to see them!


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