I Don’t Hear “Mom”…


According to the calendar, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I was in the store today and the front aisles were lined with floral bouquets, candy, cupcakes and reminders. Kids were doing what kids do…making those last minute decisions with Dad as to what would be best for Mom.

But not everyone is so excited about tomorrow. You see if you are not a Mom, don’t have a Mom or the relationship with her is scarred in some way…there aren’t any cards or cupcakes that make Mother’s day special. Most of us as little girls played house with baby dolls…dressing them and pretending to be the “mommy.” As we grew up our minds start wondering who will be “Mr. Right” for not only our husband, but also the father of our children…at least that’s how the “story” goes.

I was 37 years old before I had my son. I waited a long time to hear those words…”Mom.” And I will say…that word said by him is very precious to me. However…I remember all those “Mother’s Days” that seemed empty…lonely. And while I would celebrate my Mom for Mother’s Day, I longed for that term of endearment for myself. I know there are readers who know exactly what I am talking about. It is the same kind of feeling you get when Valentine’s Day rolls around and you are single. It’s not so much fun. In fact I vividly remember hating Valentine’s Day while working at the hospital and my colleagues getting flowers while I was just getting the “call light” to the next patient.  (smile).

But this is what I’ve come to learn. Each day that you are I are alive and have opportunity to serve our God and bring glory to His name…that’s a Special Day! Yes I know there are no flowers or cards or candy for that…but there is a reward that far outlasts all of those temporary things. And while you may not ever hear the word “Mom” said to you or your Mom is gone out of your life in some way…what you want to hear some day is this…Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” 

So enjoy tomorrow no matter where you are in life. It’s a good day because you are in it and being a child of the King is the greatest relationship of all.

You are enough not because you did or said or bought or thought or became or created something special, but because you always were

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  1. Thanks for the wise words Julie.!!! You are such an inspiration to me and im sure to so many. You are so wise. I wish I could see you and talk to you. Miss you. Have a wonderful day tomorrow with your son and the rest of your wonderful family.

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