Being My Best


Ever feel like you will NEVER meet all the demands? If you are married…your husband is a priority. If you have children, they are a priority. If you are employed, your employer wants your best. If you are a friend, there are always conversations to have. If you are involved with your church family, the opportunities are endless. If you pile all of that together…it will seem insurmountable.

There have been plenty of times in my life when I missed an opportunity to “be my best.” I made sure my wants were priority. I ignored the privilege to give a word of encouragement. I missed the perfect time to share God’s word with my children. I used my tiredness to not give my all to my employer. I could have called a friend and been a listening ear.

I can beat up on myself because I messed up or I can get up and show up when opportunities arise! Moving forward is not the problem most of us have. It’s the looking back and holding on that many battle. It’s the loss of control over something that cannot be repaired or redone.

So what can you do?

  1. You can start with being grateful for all you have. That means grateful to God and grateful to those around you. (Be thankful for what God and others do reveals a tender heart.)
  2. You can write yourself reminder notes of who needs prayer, a card, a phone call.
  3. Plan a night out with your husband. Or cook his favorite meal and enjoy a pleasant conversation at the table.
  4. Stay over at work, if allowed, and offer to do something extra the boss could use help with. (go the extra mile)
  5. Put the phone down, the laptop down and spend more time with your kids.
  6. Keep yourself encouraged. Purchase a Bible study book and make your own time for Bible study.
  7. Listen to yourself talk. Are you joyful? Are you a complainer? Is your language seasoned with words of encouragement?

BE YOUR BEST. Christ gave HIS best for you. It really isn’t too much to ask is it?

                                                                                                                      be your best self

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