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“Easter”…the Anglo- Saxon Fertility goddess.


The weekend of ham, coconut cake, easter baskets and easter egg hunts. It’s a 3 day weekend and an opportunity to really spruce up for worship services!

You know there is a part of me that wishes Easter was a religious holiday. I mean…the world is celebrating and people show up for worship like they do on Christmas eve!  Should I step over with them and acknowledge this day since they are? Would it generate a religious discussion as to why Easter is not a holy day?

But my “wishes and wants” are not part of God’s word. HE has given me everything I need to know in order to please HIM…and that is exactly why I am here…to please Him (I Thessalonians 2:4).


History shows us who “Easter” was and how she was worshipped in the spring. That’s world history. Biblical history….that which is in the Bible…gives no mention of using “Easter” to remind people of the death and resurrection of Jesus. There’s no mention of it being a yearly observance, but rather a first day of the week observance.

So instead of walking along the path set by man….we should be walking the path set by God who asks us to remember the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Lord’s day…the first day of the week….every week. It’s a simple request without all the pomp that man has tagged to it.

Thank you God for your son Jesus Christ whom we remember every first day of the week.


Being My Best


Ever feel like you will NEVER meet all the demands? If you are married…your husband is a priority. If you have children, they are a priority. If you are employed, your employer wants your best. If you are a friend, there are always conversations to have. If you are involved with your church family, the opportunities are endless. If you pile all of that together…it will seem insurmountable.

There have been plenty of times in my life when I missed an opportunity to “be my best.” I made sure my wants were priority. I ignored the privilege to give a word of encouragement. I missed the perfect time to share God’s word with my children. I used my tiredness to not give my all to my employer. I could have called a friend and been a listening ear.

I can beat up on myself because I messed up or I can get up and show up when opportunities arise! Moving forward is not the problem most of us have. It’s the looking back and holding on that many battle. It’s the loss of control over something that cannot be repaired or redone.

So what can you do?

  1. You can start with being grateful for all you have. That means grateful to God and grateful to those around you. (Be thankful for what God and others do reveals a tender heart.)
  2. You can write yourself reminder notes of who needs prayer, a card, a phone call.
  3. Plan a night out with your husband. Or cook his favorite meal and enjoy a pleasant conversation at the table.
  4. Stay over at work, if allowed, and offer to do something extra the boss could use help with. (go the extra mile)
  5. Put the phone down, the laptop down and spend more time with your kids.
  6. Keep yourself encouraged. Purchase a Bible study book and make your own time for Bible study.
  7. Listen to yourself talk. Are you joyful? Are you a complainer? Is your language seasoned with words of encouragement?

BE YOUR BEST. Christ gave HIS best for you. It really isn’t too much to ask is it?

                                                                                                                      be your best self

Bloom Where You’re Planted


Personally, I don’t know anyone who has not struggled with discontent. I mean after all…Eve struggled with it when she longed for that knowledge she didn’t have. One would think that moving frequently…which I did…would ease all transitions of life. But more times than not, the moments of complete peace are less than the chaos of life.

What I must continue to remind myself is that my thoughts are a reflection of my faith in God. When we speak those thoughts…we show our heart. So what if I don’t like where I am in life? Do I fight my way through it? Do I trust God enough to allow Him to write the chapter in my life? My guess is that you and I have done both depending on our perception of what life has offered.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve attempted to “override” the status of my life because it wasn’t what I had planned…only to find out later that it all had a purpose for me. God knows us best. He knows where He can use us. He knows where we need to be refined and He knows that we need discipline in order to mold us. Of course we must submit to that in order to receive the blessing of it.

bloom Got a tube of lipstick? Here’s a scripture to write on your bathroom mirror….

“I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” (Php. 4:12-13)

Do I really believe I can be content? Do I really believe that ALL things can be accomplished through Christ? And does that include trying to mold me into the person HE knows I can be?

So…bloom where you are planted! If you are single…enjoy the greater opportunities you have to share the Word. If you are newly married…accept the role of who God needs you to be understanding that marriage is about HOLINESS not HAPPINESS. If as a Mom you are sometimes lost in MOMMY WORLD…remember what your mission is at this time in your life with the little ones around you. If you are embarking on the fall of life and the transition of who you are seems out of reach…embrace your new role as a Titus 2 woman.

Don’t be driven by uncertainty and drama. Cling to JOY and know that YOUR REDEEMER lives and ever cares for YOU!